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SCC Training 2019

The SCC training for operational managers of all plants of the Hoffmeier Group took place on 06.09. and 13.09.2019 at the Gasthof Splietker in Süddinker

An interesting morning event on the subject of "slinging loads", organised with the help of Schickhoff GmbH from Soest (Mr Domke) and with contributions from the manufacturers Spanset-Anschlagmittel and RUD-Ketten, was rounded off with material samples from the field of chains and slings.

After the breakfast and lunch breaks, some movement units were carried out together with Aktivita Fitness with short fitness exercises practiced together with the participants.

With the presentation of the current strategy projects at Hoffmeier, by Michael Szymoniak from the department of corporate development and the presentation of a campaign of the employers' liability insurance association "komm mit mensch" the event continued.

We want to use this campaign to improve the culture of prevention in occupational safety and to bring about a cultural change.

Subsequently, we held a lively discussion with the participation of the Hoffmeier management based on the action fields of the campaign using examples from the daily construction site Environment.

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