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Dear customers,

We at Hoffmeier Industrieanlagen would like to inform you that we will continue to be at your service and will support you with your concerns and enquiries in these difficult times.
The current developments in connection with the corona virus confront us all with new challenges from day to day. In the current situation, we too consider it essential to treat each other with care and responsibility in our professional and private lives.

Nevertheless, we know that you and many of our customers make an important contribution to maintaining our social and economic structures. We have reacted to current developments and organised workplaces in such a way that there is sufficient personal distance and we strictly adhere to the recommended hygiene and behavioural measures. We also make sure that our colleagues are properly looked after on site and that we can react promptly to short-term changes.

We are still fully operational and available in all fields. As usual, our installation colleagues are on the road 24/7 for you and your plants. We also continue to carry out on-site appointments in order to ensure the operational readiness of your plants. In doing so, we naturally comply with all necessary precautions and take your individual needs and requirements into account.

We are firmly convinced that we can master this never before seen situation together and in constant exchange with you. We hope that these turbulent times will be overcome quickly and offer you our utmost support in this matter.

We are at your service.

Stay healthy!

Hoffmeier Industrial Plants

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