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SCC Training

The SCC training for operational executives at the head office in Hamm took place on October 5th and November 16th, 2018.

An interesting morning session on "Gas Fittings / Burner Settings" by Mr. Figge, Fa. GCE with presentation and the company Fischer, represented by H. Fritschka on "Dowel fittings in concrete and masonry" was completed by a practical part of the two speakers in the afternoon.

Some exercise units were performed by the company Aktivita with short fitness exercises during the event and practiced together with the participants. With the presentation of the project / Supervisor manual, a new accounting tool for the Supervisors, the NCR tool and various other information, the events continued informative in the afternoon and concluded after a cozy get-together in the evening.

In the Bedburg factory the event took place on 23.11.2018. The topic "Gas Fittings / Burner Settings" was treated by H. Figge, Fa. GCE as a central topic with theory and practical part.

In the Kambachsmühle factory the event took place on 30.11.2018. Here, too, the topic "Gas Fittings / Burner Settings" was presented by GCE with theory and practical part.

At the Rüdersdorf plant, the supervisor training took also place on the 05.10.2018. The topic here was "Setting Fixtures" by the company Hilti with a theoretical and practical training part.

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