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Centre for occupational safety

Together strong for our safety

Process and goal

Occupational safety, health and environmental protection as well as quality have the highest priority for the management and all employees of the company Hoffmeier Industrieanlagen GmbH + Co. KG.

In order to improve the efficiency of all processes in the company, the management has, bearing their full responsibility, comprehensively defined the quality and SHE policy (safety, health and environmental protection) in accordance with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008 and the SCCP / SCP regulations and determined it as instrument to improve performance.


  • The basis for our corporate principles is our quality policy. Recognizing, understanding, managing and directing interrelated processes as a system contributes to the effectiveness and efficiency of our organization in achieving our goals.
  • The management meets all requirements, which serve the preservation of the health of our employees and third parties as well as the preservation of a healthy environment for us and our customers.
  • The obligation to comply with the relevant laws, regulations and other requirements regarding occupational safety, health and environmental protection is part of our corporate policy.
  • The promotion of our employees in the indispensable quality, safety, health and environmental awareness is a constant management task.
  • For our well-trained, qualified and motivated staff, it is essential to avoid accidents, occupational diseases and work-related health hazards and environmental and material damage using modern methods and best practices. In doing so, we endeavor to constantly improve the SHE standard.
Hoffmeier - Arbeitssicherheitszentrum

Our ultimate goal: ZERO ACCIDENTS in the company and consistent compliance with the "Golden Rules" for occupational safety.

We commit ourselves:

  • to observe all laws, regulations and guidelines for occupational health and safety,
  • to use a suitable occupational health and safety management system,
  • to collect and analyze data on health and safety at regular intervals.

LMRA - Last Minute Risk Analysis

LMRA is a tool designed to increase awareness of risk reduction. The analysis is carried out immediately before the start of work at the workplace by employees who perform the work. LMRA aims to detect all safety, health and environmental risks in the workplace to prevent accidents. The analysis indicates when hazards exist in scheduled work. Work may therefore only be started after all risks have been eliminated by taking appropriate measures.

Certificates & approvals

All required certificates are available for download on our "Certificates & approvals" page.

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