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Briefing May 2020

Working at heights

Safety back-up is important!

The Supervisor

  • carries out risk assessments for the respective work order and draws up the necessary installation instructions
  • adjusts safety measures of the working conditions on site and provides the appropriate work equipment
  • ensures safely accessible traffic routes and workplaces
  • appoints a supervisor and, if necessary, a safety and health coordinator
  • monitors adherence to the specified measures and conducts regular briefings


More on this Topic – BG Information “Metal Construction/assembly” (BGI 544) 
“Protection against Falls”, (BGI 826,

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Beware of risk of falling!

The Employee

  • Uses the existing work equipment as intended and uses effective fall protection devices for interception devices and points of attachment
  • Follow the installation instructions and the manufacturer's provided operating instructions (aerial work platform, scaffold)
  • Goes onto scaffold only after release and secures floor, roof and shaft openings
  • uses only safe, marked paths to the workplace
  • Uses the required personal protective Equipment


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